Thursday, May 21, 2015

Travel in style

 Bordeaux, France

While the cool sandy  beaches beckon one and all during summers, how about giving them a miss and  re-living the old world charm of Europe? 

Bedecked with quaint villages, hillocks, churches, arches and squares, this erstwhile Sleeping Beauty, Bordeaux in France makes for a perfect happy day out in the sun. The icing on the cake is of course, vineyard tours of this world famous wine capital.

Head to Medoc for the world's greatest chateaux, drive through or cycle your way to the Gironde region and explore the wine growing boroughs. Also, Planète Bordeaux and Eco-Musée get really close to offering  visitors  a good wine museum, hence worth checking out.

Go café hopping in the city, where your coffee might still be brought from the back-kitchen. The highlight of  Bordeaux remains the majestic Place-de-la-Bourse with its misty water mirror.   
 Steamer Trunk by Nappa Dori

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