Sunday, July 12, 2015



For those who are looking for some island romance this summer or just a rejuvenating  break from the sweltering heat, Greece is the place to be. From relaxing under the stars or lounging by a perfect sandy beach to being mesmerised by the idyllic sunset view or swimming in balmy seas at dusk,embark on an island-hopping trail along the Greek isles to ward off the searing heat.

Visit the picturesque Little Venice of Greece, Mykonos with it's mini colony of white and blue houses, sea facing eateries and quaint windmills standing on hillocks overlooking the azure Aegean Sea.

Also engage in endless banter with your loved ones over good food and drink at the many 'tavernas' (Greek restaurent \ cafés) scattered all over another Greek bliss, Santorini.

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                ALGRAVE PORTUGAL 

Sun, surf, sand! This one is the summery delight. Breathtaking seaside cliffs, dotted with amazing grottoes, sparkling underewater caves, fun holiday villas and flamboyant resorts. Add to that, a natural paradise with cork trees, flower- covered  hillsides and bird life, cute castle towns and historic villages. Amidst all the lounging by sun-drenched beaches and wandering through cobbled streets, do not forget to make a dash for the Monchique market town  nestled high up in the wooded mountaions. Once here, take a few sips of aguardientle

(a potent brandy) as you raise a toast to this beautiful summer heaven. Do pair it with a classic Algarvian mountain meal of stewed chickpeas, roasted ham or homemade sausages.
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